Francisco is a small, dark moon of the planet Uranus.


Francisco was discovered on August 13, 2001 by John J. Kavalaars, Matthew J. Holman, Dan Milisavljevic, and Tommy Grav. It was undetected by Voyager 2 because it's small size and dark color.


  • It's named after a minor character in William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest"
  • Its average diameter is possibly 22 km, but it has not been studied enough to know it's exact size.
  • Francisco is the innermost of Uranus's far, irregular moons, orbiting the planet from 4.3 million km above it's clouds.
  • FranciscoIts orbit is retrograde, meaning it orbits the opposite direction than regular moons and Uranus, the planet it orbits.
  • Its density is 1.5 g/cm3.
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