The Zootopia version of Makemake is a dwarf planet in our Zoolar System.


Adjective(s) Unknown
Orbital properties
Aphelion/apoapsis 52.840 AU
Perihelion/periapsis 38.590 AU
Semi-major axis 45.715 AU
Orbital eccentricity 0.15586
Orbital period 309.09 yr (112,897 d)
Average orbital speed 4.419 km/s
Physical properties
Radius 715±7 km

739±17 km 710±30 km

Mass Unknown
Mean density 1.4–3.2 g/cm3
Escape velocity Unknown
Rotation period 7.771±0.003 h
Average surface temperature 32–36 K (single-terrain model)

40–44 K (two-terrain model)

Apparent magnitude 16.7
Moons 1
  • It is the second brightest kuiper belt object, after the Zootopia version of Pluto.
  • It is smaller than the Zootopia versions of Eris and Pluto, but is most likely larger than the Zootopia version of Haumea.
  • A year on it lasts 310 Earth years.
  • Its surface is covered with frozen nitrogen.
  • It has 1 moon, the Zootopia version of S/2015 (136472) 1.
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