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Welcome to the Solar System wiki! This wiki is all about the planets, moons, and space operations in our solar system. Please help by adding new pages and expanding the wiki! We have 137 pages as of today!

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Essential things to include in all articles

When creating new articles and improving current ones, please include these things. Bold points are super-important!

  • Short summary, what is it that we're dealing with?
  • History and/or discovery
  • An infobox. (e.g Template:PlanetInfobox for planets and moons, if applicable) Make sure your infobox has a good photo, if any.
  • A nice image gallery of at least 3 images
  • Additional Trivia
  • If you are creating an article about a moon, please do not forget to include the moons template. For example, if you're going to create an article about Phoebe, don't forget to include {{Saturn Moons}} on your article.
  • Please do not copy entire articles or paragraphs from Wikipedia. You may copy snippets, sentences and information from infoboxes from Wikipedia, but you may not copy entire pages. This could be considered as plagiarism and get this wiki sued.
  • ...
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Featured Image
Ceres surface
An artistic impression of Ceres' surface.
Did you know...

  • ...that Earth is the fifth largest planet in the Solar System, and largest of the terrestrial planets.
  • ...that our Sun is classified as a yellow dwarf star; that is, a main sequence star with surface temperatures between 5,000 and 5,700 degrees celsius (9,000 and 10,300 degrees fahrenheit).
  • ...that the word asteroid, which means star-like, was coined by the astronomer William Herschel.

Latest activity

This wiki in a nutshell:
This wiki is dedicated to documenting the entire solar system, including all objects. Not just planets (and moons), but also : asteroids, minor/dwarf planets, TNO's, Kuiper Belt objects, dwarf moons etc. You can help by creating new articles or editing existing ones.
Number of articles
The current number of articles is 137. We already have 137 articles! Go for more!

Updates and announcements

  • We're currently inactive...
  • New achievements added!
  • We urge users to add infoboxes to images if possible. Remember, we are not the only solar system wiki, but we still try to be the best out there.
  • Layout was updated yesterday with a new background and logo!
  • Out of all known Solar System wikia's, this wiki has the most articles. Good job contributors!
  • The wiki has been created!


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